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Footprint for tent


Tent footprint is made from durable lightweight fabric. Corners have S-hooks that are used to attach footprint to tent.

"1P" footprint fits a number of models:
Chinook 1P tents, Evolution 1P tents, Mirage 1P tents, and Revolution 1P tents

"2P" footprint fits a number of models:
Chinook 2P tents, Evolution 2P tents, Mirage 2P tents, and Revolution 2P tents

1P: 87g/3.1oz
1P Soul: 87g/3.1oz
1P Wisp 1P (original version): 87g/3.1oz
1P Wisp 1P MV (current version): 83g/2.9oz
1Plus: 137g/4.8oz
2P: 137g/4.8oz
2P Soul: 137g/4.8oz
2Plus: 167g/5.9oz
3P: 167g/5.9oz

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