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The Wisp 1P "Super Bivy" tent is well suited as a bivy replacement. Think of it as a "super bivy" since the Wisp is totally enclosed to escape bugs and mosquitoes, it is also big enough to be able to sit up in and change clothes when it is raining, which is impossible to do with a bivy. Another bonus is the Wisp has a covered vestibule that a bivy does not have to store pack and footwear out of the weather.


UL, SUL, MV and DCF versions:
- Perfect for the ultra light backpacker or bikepacker
- Single hiking pole design for very fast and easy setup and take down
- Top vent on vestibule for ventilation
- Large no claustrophobic interior with high ceiling
- Large side door for easy entry and exit
- Interior pocket
- Vestibule for gear storage
- 90cm (36in) wide x 230cm (91in) long interior
- 120cm (47in) high interior
- Highest quality components
- World class quality
- Ready to go out of the box; seam sealed where necessary at the factory

Packed size: 20cm long x 14cm diameter (8in long x 5.5in diameter)
Note: 38cm (15in) folding foot end pole is removable

UltraLight (UL) and Super Ultra Light (SUL) versions now have Big Sky's DripDrainTM system for condensation control

UltraLight (UL) version: Lighter weight, single wall version made with SuprSil™-UL fabric

Super Ultra Light (SUL) version: same design as UL version, but made with SuprSil™-SUL fabric

Note: SuprSil™-UL and SuprSil™-SUL outer fabrics are both sides silicone, which is 2x stronger than same fabric with only one side silicone that most other tent makers use.

Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) version: same design as SUL version, but made with DCF fabric

Moon View (MV) version: Double walled head end for condensation management with option to roll back head end for Moon View or extra ventilation.

- 1 Person
- Double Wall head end
- trekking pole tent
- only one (1) trekking pole or optional 120cm pole required
- Head end opens for Moon View (MV)

UL version weight revE: 583g (20.6oz) for outer: SuprSil™-UL fabric, inner: no-see-um mesh netting, floor: SuprSil™-UL fabric, foot end pole: Light Weight aluminum

SUL version weight revE: XXXg (XXoz) for outer: SuprSil™-SUL fabric, inner: no-see-um mesh netting, floor: SuprSil™-SUL fabric, foot end pole: carbon fiber

DCF version weight: 300g (10.6oz) for outer: DCF fabric, inner: no-see-um mesh netting, floor: DCF fabric, foot end pole: carbon fiber

MV version weight revD: 665g (23.5oz) for outer: SuprSil™-UL fabric, inner: no-see-um mesh netting, floor: non-slip, seam tape fabric, foot end pole: Ultra Light weight aluminum

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Big Sky's Let-it-PorTM fabric is made by Cuben/Cubic/Dyneema

Big Sky Wisp 1P "Super Bivy" tent

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I'm satisfied with the product.

The soul2 I bought before had seam processing, but the wisp I bought this time didn't have seam processing.

Outdoors Magic
The name ‘super bivy’ is a spot-on description of this.

Big Sky Wisp Super-Bivy | Review
The bivy that really lives up to it's 'Super' credentials

Michael N.
Compares favourably with the alternatives

This bivvy is lighter, more stable and suffers less condensation than more fully featured tents (specifically, the Hilleberg Enan, which I have used and which collapses if 1 tent peg loosens); at a fraction of the price the Wisp is not just excellent value. For lightweight backpacking, it is the better option.


Ask a Question
  • What size pole can be used? I have a 45" ski pole i use how will it fit?

    Big Sky's Wisp 1P tent was designed for a 120cm (47in) pole so a 45in pole is a little short... the 45in ski pole may work with a little sag in the tent or you could cut a piece of PVC pipe to add to bottom of your pole to make it 47in (120cm) long...

    We now offer a 120cm pole for those that do not carry adjustable trekking poles with them.

  • Hello! Is there a tent pole option for those of us who don’t use trekking poles? Are guy lines included with the purchase? When is the 1.5P version be available in 2019? Is there a Cuben Fiber version of this tent, and what are the specs? Thank you.

    Yes, we now have a optional 120cm tent pole for those that do not carry/use adjustable trekking poles.

    Many of our customers already have stakes/pegs and/or guy lines so they are an option to keep the tent price lower for those that do not need them. Those that need them and purchase stakes/pegs and/or guy line kits with a tent receive a 15% discount when combined with a tent purchase.

    Not sure when, or if, Wisp 1.5P tent will be available...  There may or may not be a Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) version offered.

  • 1.5p/2p version?

    Sorry, at this time we only have a 1Person (1P) version...

  • Hello Do the pegs come with this tent? And if so what is the individual weight per peg please?

    Most of our customers already have pegs/stakes so we have made buying pegs/stakes an option so you do not have to pay for them if you do not need them.

  • Are guy lines needed for this one?

    All Big Sky's tents can be set up without guy lines.

    That said, guy lines add quite a bit of structure and increased wind resistance for not a lot of extra weight.