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Perfekt for deg som er 185 cm eller mindre og ønsker
et romslig telt som er sterkt, raskt å sette opp og lett, og lav vekt

- Dobbeltveggskonstruksjon for å forhindre kondens innvendig
- Stangklipsdesign for svært rask og enkel oppsett og nedtaking
- Innvendige spenner til ytterskallet for oppsett/nedtaking i ett stykke
- To toppventiler på vestibylene for kryssventilasjon
- Stort, ikke klaustrofobisk interiør med høyt tak
- Store sidedører for enkel inn- og utgang
- 2 interiøralternativer:
-- Interiør i netting for ekstra ventilasjon
-- Interiør i pustende stoff for mer varme og for å hindre at vind og sand blåser inn
Merk: Interiøret i pustende stoff har nettingvindu på hver dør med glidelåsklaff
- Fire innvendige lommer
- To store vestibyler; hver med en dør med glidelås
- Ytterstoff: SuprSilTM-UL 15D rip-stop nylon som er silikonbelagt på begge sider for ekstra styrke, 2000 mm vanntetthet
- innerstoff: No-See-Um netting som holder selv småkryp ute, men gir god ventilasjon
- gulvstoff: silikon-/PU-belagt 15D rip-stop-stoff i nylon, sklisikkert og teipet i sømmene, 3000 mm hydrostatisk vannklassifisert
- stenger: ultralette DAC NSF 8.7 mm, 36 cm (14,2 tommer) sammenleggbar lengde
- Komponenter av høyeste kvalitet, for eksempel YKK-glidelåser
- Kvalitet i verdensklasse
- Klar til å tas ut av esken; sømforseglet der det er nødvendig på fabrikken
- Vekt:
-- 1,220 kg (2 lb 11,0 oz = 43,0 oz) for SuprSilTM-UL-stoff på utsiden, netting på innsiden, sklisikkert, sømteipet gulv og ultralette DAC NFL 8,7 mm aluminiumstenger (rev. A-1)
-- 1,406 kg (3 lb 1,6 oz = 49.6 oz) for SuprSilTM-UL-stoff utvendig, Mesh Netting innvendig, sklisikkert, sømteipet gulv og lettvekts bikepacking 7,9 mm, 30 cm/12 tommer sammenleggbar lengde Aluminiumstenger (rev. A-1)
-- 1,288 kg (2 lb 13.4oz = 45,4 oz) for SuprSilTM-UL-stoff på utsiden, pustende stoff på innsiden, sklisikkert gulv med teipede sømmer og ultralette DAC NFL 8,7 mm aluminiumsstaver (rev. A-1). A-1)
- Størrelse: 213 cm (84 tommer) lang innvendig lengde beregnet for personer som er 183 cm (6ft-0in) eller mindre
(213 cm (84 tommer) innvendig lengde minus 183 cm (6ft-0in eller 72 tommer) for en persons høyde gir 15 cm (6 tommer) ekstra i hode- og fotenden for soveposens loft).

- Klikk for å laste ned bruksanvisningen

Big Sky Revolution 1.5P-telt

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Riccardo Cambiaghi
Everything perfect

Quick delivery. The tent is how expected

Early days

I have not tested it outdoors yet, but I have pitched it 2 times, and it is very easy and quick to raise.
I appreciate that the fabric is stretched out so it not so "floppy" in wind. My last tent was very noisy with regards to that.
It is very roomy and its really great that it has pockets in every corner and lot of "hooks" in the roof. That makes it very practical to use.
The only negative I have seen is that the hooks for the inner "door" is positioned far to high. They should have been more or less 12 cm lower down (where the upper part of the inner pocket is) to be able to catch all of the mesh, so that its not hanging down, and in the way)
Otherwise all positive for now, seems to be good quality work!

Thank you for your review and suggestions for improvements.

Henrik Brøndum
No solid inner possible

Had it for a week or so and pitched it in my livingroom to tjek it for flaws. None found :-) Easy to pitch, very roomy and with a very small packsize it is ideal for bikepacking and backpacking as well. As i live in a country where the wind always blows, i would wish tha the option for a solid inner was possible. I hope that it will be an option to buy a seperat inner later on.

We do make a solid 'Breathable Fabric' inner for the Revolution 1.5P tent. At the time you ordered they were not in stock, but they will be available later. And yes, inners can be purchased separately.

Luson LuYiKai
Fun tent and some suggestions

This tent is very interesting, I like it very much, like its style, like its fabric and color, the comprehensive cost performance is very high, but I also have some suggestions to improve
1.Tent accounts still need to have three seasons and four seasons to distinguish, so it is more convenient for our consumers to choose
2I have never bought a tent without floor nails, whether it is a Chinese brand, an American brand or a European brand. When I received it, I was shocked, thinking that you forgot to send it to me, which needs to be improved. Yes, as an outdoor lover, I will have many tents and a lot of floor nails, but each tent has its own floor nails. I suggested that it would be better to sell with a peg, because if I didn't open the tent and went camping directly, it would be embarrassing without a peg
3.For the tent, it is still recommended that the waterproof strip has been painted when the factory is ready
Thank you~!

AT 2022 Thru Hike

Used the Big Sky Rev 1.5 with the heavier bike packing poles and mesh inner since that was that was in stock at the time. Total weight was pretty accurate at 52 oz (that includes 6 mini groundhog stakes). Tent held up very well with everything the Appalachian Trail could throw at us. Had a couple small leaks of water towards the end, but what tent wouldn't after 160 days of tent time in 180+ day thru hike. Highly recommend for weight/cost ratio. It was between this tent and the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 and I'm glad I picked this tent. Plus the ability to take down inner mesh while underneath fly to keep the sleeping quarters dry through constant rain on multiple days was an extra bonus!


Ask a Question
  • BIKEPACKING VERSION 30CM/12IN FOLDING LENGTH ULTRA LIGHT VERSION DAC NFL What is the difference between these two types of poles?

    Both Ultra Light and Bikepacking pole options are aluminum... strength is similar.

    Ultra Light poles: lighter weight, folding length 36cm, and more expensive

    Bikepacking poles: shorter folding length (30cm), weight is a little more than Ultra Light poles, and less expensive

  • Is this tent available in any other colours, or do you plan to make it available in other colours?

    maybe in the future.

  • Is it possible to set up the inner tent separately?

    No, if you want to set up inner without outer/fly, we suggest considering Big Sky's Evolution tent series.
    Note: Big Sky's Revolution tent series works great if you want to set up outer without inner.

  • What are the differences when compared to Big Sky's Glacier 1.5P tent?

    Big Sky's Revolution 1.5P tent vs. Big Sky's Glacier 1.5P tent:

    - Interior size (Revolution 1.5P and Glacier 1.5P inners are interchangeable)

    - Revolution 1.5P tent is 3-Seasons rated vs. Glacier 1.5P tent is 4-Seasons rated
    - Revolution 1.5P inner is Mesh Netting vs. Glacier 1.5P inner is Breathable fabric
    - Revolution 1.5P poles are lighter weight vs. Glacier 1.5P poles are stronger
    - Revolution 1.5P outer has 2 vestibules vs. Glacier 1.5P outer has NO vestibules
    - Revolution 1.5P tent is lighter weight: 1.22kg/43.0oz vs Glacier 1.5P tent weight: 1.36kg/47.9oz

  • The Tent including the guy lines and stakes or not?

    Stakes/pegs and guy lines are available options. You do not have to purchase them if you do not need them.

  • Do you make this tent with a DCF (outer) option?

    Do you make this tent with a DCF (outer) option?
    > The plan is to have DCF (Cuban fabric) outer option available next year for the Revolution 1.5P tent.

    Thank you for your interest,
    Big Sky International

  • What is the weight difference between the different pole sets for the Revolution 1.5?

    Bikepacking poles have a shorter folding length and less expensive
    UltraLight weight poles are lighter weight and more expensive
    Durability of both is good

  • Is this a free standing tent?

    yes, although most people stake/peg the vestibules.