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Parfaite pour les personnes de 185 cm (6 pieds) ou moins qui souhaitent
une tente spacieuse, solide, rapide à monter et légère, et légère

- Construction à double paroi pour éviter la condensation à l'intérieur
- Conception avec clip pour les mâts pour un montage et un démontage très rapides et faciles
- Boucles intérieures à la coque extérieure pour un montage/démontage en une seule pièce
- Deux aérations supérieures sur les vestibules pour une ventilation croisée
- Grand intérieur sans claustrophobie avec un plafond haut
- Grandes portes latérales pour une entrée et une sortie faciles
- 2 options d'intérieur :
-- Intérieur en filet pour une ventilation supplémentaire
-- Intérieur en tissu respirant pour plus de chaleur et pour empêcher les embruns et le sable de pénétrer
Note : l'intérieur en tissu respirant est doté d'une fenêtre en filet sur chaque porte avec rabat à fermeture éclair
- Quatre poches intérieures
- Deux grands vestibules ; chacun avec une porte à fermeture éclair
- Tissu extérieur : Nylon 15D SuprSilTM-UL rip-stop enduit de silicone sur les deux faces pour plus de solidité, 2000 mm d'étanchéité hydrostatique
- tissu intérieur : Filet No-See-Um pour empêcher les insectes les plus minuscules d'entrer, tout en permettant une bonne ventilation
- tissu du sol : nylon 15D rip-stop enduit de silicone/PU antidérapant et cousu, 3000mm hydrostatique
- bâtons : ultra léger DAC NSF 8.7 mm, longueur de pliage de 36 cm
- Composants de la plus haute qualité, tels que les fermetures à glissière YKK
- Qualité de classe mondiale
- Prêt à sortir de la boîte ; coutures scellées si nécessaire en usine
- Poids :
-- 1,220kg (2lb 11.0oz = 43.0oz) pour le tissu extérieur SuprSilTM-UL, le filet intérieur Mesh Netting, le plancher antidérapant, les coutures scellées et les mâts ultra légers en aluminium DAC NFL 8.7mm (rev. A-1)
-- 1,406kg (3lb 1.6oz = 49.6oz) pour l'extérieur en tissu SuprSilTM-UL, l'intérieur en filet, le sol antidérapant avec coutures, et le sac à vélo léger. Bâtons en aluminium de 7,9mm, 30cm/12in de longueur pliable (rév. A-1)
-- 1,288kg (2lb 13.4oz = 45.4oz) pour l'extérieur en tissu SuprSilTM-UL, l'intérieur en tissu respirant, le plancher antidérapant avec coutures étanches, et les bâtons ultra légers en aluminium DAC NFL 8.7mm (rev. A-1)
- Taille : 213cm (84in) de longueur intérieure pour les personnes de 183cm (6ft-0in) ou moins
(213cm (84in) de longueur intérieure moins 183cm (6ft-0in ou 72in) pour la taille d'une personne permet un supplément de 15cm (6in) aux extrémités de la tête et des pieds pour le loft du sac de couchage).

- Cliquer pour télécharger le manuel d'instructions

Tente Big Sky Revolution 1.5P

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Customer Reviews

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Luson LuYiKai
Fun tent and some suggestions

This tent is very interesting, I like it very much, like its style, like its fabric and color, the comprehensive cost performance is very high, but I also have some suggestions to improve
1.Tent accounts still need to have three seasons and four seasons to distinguish, so it is more convenient for our consumers to choose
2I have never bought a tent without floor nails, whether it is a Chinese brand, an American brand or a European brand. When I received it, I was shocked, thinking that you forgot to send it to me, which needs to be improved. Yes, as an outdoor lover, I will have many tents and a lot of floor nails, but each tent has its own floor nails. I suggested that it would be better to sell with a peg, because if I didn't open the tent and went camping directly, it would be embarrassing without a peg
3.For the tent, it is still recommended that the waterproof strip has been painted when the factory is ready
Thank you~!

AT 2022 Thru Hike

Used the Big Sky Rev 1.5 with the heavier bike packing poles and mesh inner since that was that was in stock at the time. Total weight was pretty accurate at 52 oz (that includes 6 mini groundhog stakes). Tent held up very well with everything the Appalachian Trail could throw at us. Had a couple small leaks of water towards the end, but what tent wouldn't after 160 days of tent time in 180+ day thru hike. Highly recommend for weight/cost ratio. It was between this tent and the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 and I'm glad I picked this tent. Plus the ability to take down inner mesh while underneath fly to keep the sleeping quarters dry through constant rain on multiple days was an extra bonus!

Dennis Fronheiser
Level Up Your Tent Game

Every aspect of this tent is Level Up. Materials, Design, Workmanship, Value. If you've owned tents from other manufacturers you will appreciate the difference. The tent is crazy light (without having to go the Dyneema route). Setup is crazy easy. Living is great and well thought out with the big door and many pockets. Internal loops for clothes lines, or internal guy system. Cost/Value is great, not bargain basement, but not thousands. Using the tent you can feel and appreciate the quality. Vestibule and rain fly design kept me and the interior dry in several driving rain storms. Very happy.

Christopher Mcilwain

Big Sky Revolution 1.5P tent

Sets the bar

The exterior poles and one peice set up should really be the new standard for all manufacturers. The tent is fast, light, sturdy, waterproof and roomy. Very worth the money.


Ask a Question
  • BIKEPACKING VERSION 30CM/12IN FOLDING LENGTH ULTRA LIGHT VERSION DAC NFL What is the difference between these two types of poles?

    Both Ultra Light and Bikepacking pole options are aluminum... strength is similar.

    Ultra Light poles: lighter weight, folding length 36cm, and more expensive

    Bikepacking poles: shorter folding length (30cm), weight is a little more than Ultra Light poles, and less expensive

  • Is this tent available in any other colours, or do you plan to make it available in other colours?

    maybe in the future.

  • Is it possible to set up the inner tent separately?

    No, if you want to set up inner without outer/fly, we suggest considering Big Sky's Evolution tent series.
    Note: Big Sky's Revolution tent series works great if you want to set up outer without inner.

  • What are the differences when compared to Big Sky's Glacier 1.5P tent?

    Big Sky's Revolution 1.5P tent vs. Big Sky's Glacier 1.5P tent:

    - Interior size (Revolution 1.5P and Glacier 1.5P inners are interchangeable)

    - Revolution 1.5P tent is 3-Seasons rated vs. Glacier 1.5P tent is 4-Seasons rated
    - Revolution 1.5P inner is Mesh Netting vs. Glacier 1.5P inner is Breathable fabric
    - Revolution 1.5P poles are lighter weight vs. Glacier 1.5P poles are stronger
    - Revolution 1.5P outer has 2 vestibules vs. Glacier 1.5P outer has NO vestibules
    - Revolution 1.5P tent is lighter weight: 1.22kg/43.0oz vs Glacier 1.5P tent weight: 1.36kg/47.9oz

  • The Tent including the guy lines and stakes or not?

    Stakes/pegs and guy lines are available options. You do not have to purchase them if you do not need them.

  • Do you make this tent with a DCF (outer) option?

    Do you make this tent with a DCF (outer) option?
    > The plan is to have DCF (Cuban fabric) outer option available next year for the Revolution 1.5P tent.

    Thank you for your interest,
    Big Sky International

  • What is the weight difference between the different pole sets for the Revolution 1.5?

    Bikepacking poles have a shorter folding length and less expensive
    UltraLight weight poles are lighter weight and more expensive
    Durability of both is good

  • Is this a free standing tent?

    yes, although most people stake/peg the vestibules.