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- Matériau isolant et réfléchissant pour conserver la température
- Tissu non tissé durable
- Fabriqué à partir de matériaux recyclés et recyclables.
-- Isolation PrimaLoft de première qualité : fabriquée à partir de 70 % de contenu recyclé après consommation (PCR). Chaque mètre utilisé permet d'éviter la mise en décharge de 2,5 bouteilles en plastique . Cliquez ici : pour en savoir plus sur la manière dont PrimaLoft recycle les bouteilles en plastique pour fabriquer l'isolation
-- Tissu réfléchissant : nous travaillons avec une usine qui utilise ce tissu réfléchissant pour fabriquer d'autres produits où le tissu est réfléchissant d'un côté et imprimé de l'autre. Les tissus destinés à la décharge, tels que les tissus mal imprimés, sont retournés afin que les erreurs d'impression ne soient pas visibles, ou nous achetons les rouleaux restants et/ou les chutes de tissu lorsqu'ils sont disponibles, au lieu d'envoyer le tissu inutilisé à la décharge.
- Compressible, se plie/se replie en une très petite taille
- Conception autoportante

Avertissement : Une casserole très chaude peut faire fondre le tissu. Laissez la casserole refroidir en dessous de la température d'ébullition avant de la placer dans la pochette. Le tissu a un point de fusion de 135°C/275°F. La pochette a été conçue pour l'eau bouillante, qui est à 100°C/212°F.

Petit format (PORTION UNIQUE) :
- Taille adaptée à un sac à fermeture éclair de type "quart".
- Taille : 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in)
- Poids ultra léger : 28g (1oz)

Taille moyenne (repas complet) :
- Assez grand pour contenir plus de 2 portions d'aliments déshydratés commerciaux, tels que les emballages Mountain House.
- Le repas DIY contient un sac de la taille d'un quart de litre pour le repas principal, et deux sacs de la taille d'un sandwich pour les accompagnements.
- Taille : 25cm x 25cm (10in x 10in)
- Poids ultra léger : 43g (1.5oz)

Grande taille :
- Suffisamment grand pour contenir 6 canettes ou bouteilles de votre boisson préférée, ainsi que quelques petits pains de glace.
- Le couvercle enroulable crée une poignée de transport.
- Taille : 30cm x 40cm (12in x 16in)
- Taille utilisable : 30cm x 30cm (12in x 12in)
- Taille pliée : 30cm x 10cm (12in x 4in)
- Poids ultra-léger : 65g (2.3oz)

Conseils :

- Ajoutez de l'eau chaude aux sachets repas, puis placez-les dans les sachets Insulite pour les "cuire".

Remarque : il arrive souvent que vous soyez occupé à autre chose pendant que vos repas "cuisent" dans la pochette ; vous serez donc heureux de constater que les repas sont encore chauds lorsque vous êtes prêt à les manger.

- Les sachets isothermes facilitent le maintien des sachets d'aliments "chauds".

- Certaines personnes roulent les côtés des sachets isothermes pour pouvoir manger plus facilement dans les sachets repas.

Livraison GRATUITE - commandez 3 pièces ou plus sur Big Sky
Remarque : USA, Chine, Hong Kong, Taïwan et Royaume-Uni uniquement ; livraison à 1/2 prix dans les autres régions, à l'exception du Japon et de la Corée du Sud.
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Insulite™ pochette alimentaire isolée sac de congélation cuisine douillette

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Warren
Luxurious hot food

I thought I'd follow up on these pouches, they're great! For context, I spent a week in September sleeping at 12,000 feet with frost on the ground in the mornings. The insulated pouches not only kept our food warm enough to adequately reheat, but we found that the fact that we had HOT food to eat helped us eat more calories and fully enjoy the meals. This might be the first time in decades I've ever eaten all my freeze dried dinners without struggling to choke down the last few cold bites. I'm extremely picky when it comes to adding things to my hunting pack - optics, hunting weapon, and other hunting gear combined with adequate clothes, food and shelter for a week in the back country get heavy quickly. The insulated pouches have earned a permanent spot in my meal kit because of the added value and ability to get more calories in my body. Thanks for a great product!

Very nice product

Received product in a very timely manner. Quality is very good and it has performed exactly as expected.

Tom Nolan
food pouch

love it I've used 4 times at home and keep my food hot, I'll be using on the trail next month.

Henrik Säre

Insulite™ insulated food pouch freezer bag cooking cozy

Shaun McCarthy
Well made, but doesn't make a huge difference

Needed something to insulate backpacking meals while they reconstitute. Most of my backpacking is done at over 9000 feet, so the boiling point is significantly lower, and most food cools off before it's completely done rehydrating. On a cool (~45F) day, backpacking food placed in the sleeve still cooled off before it was completely rehydrated. So it does help, but not a whole lot. I also go winter backpacking though, and I'd bet it has a significantly greater effect when there's a larger temperature difference between the food and outside temperature. All that being said, the pouch is very well made and weighs almost nothing, so you're not really sacrificing anything bringing it with you. If you're only going to use it in summer, it's probably not worth getting. If you do backpacking and/or winter camping, it's worthwhile.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, at 9,000ft (2743m) the boiling temperature of water is lower, but still pretty hot at 195F (90.5C). We are not sure what you are trying to re-hydrate, but we have used the insulated pouches at this altitude and higher and they seem to work fine for commercial dehydrated foods, such as Mountain House. As you mentioned, it does take a little longer than at sea level, but the food we re-hydrated stayed hotter longer using an insulated pouch.


Ask a Question
  • Are the dimensions listed for the two sizes of bags inside measurements or exterior?

    Insulated pouch dimensions are external dimensions.
    Internal dimensions are 0.5cm smaller.
    For example: 25cm external dimension so 24.5cm internal dimension.

  • How many g/m2 of primaloft? Thanks!

    60gsm PrimaLoft insulation. PrimaLoft insulation is made with 70% post-consumer recycled content (PCR) so every meter we use saves 2.5 plastic bottles from landfill (attached is PrimaLoft recyled bottles calculator):

  • Where is this made?

    Fabric for Big Sky's insulated pouches is made in USA or Europe, and are responsibly sewn in China

  • Please explain what "no retail packaging" means.........1 piece, "bulk pack".......I assume this means purchasing one bag from a bulk pack and therefore it arrives without the cardboard Big Sky wrapping?

    "bulk pack" means no retail box

  • Can I take my pot off the flame and put it in this pouch to let the food continue cooking?

    The fabric has melting point of 135C/275F. It was designed for boiling water 100C/212F. A very hot pot may melt the fabric. We suggest the pot be cooled below boiling temperature before placing into pouch

  • Can I wash this bag in a machine washer?

    We recommend spot cleaning or hand washing with mild soap.

  • If get dirty, can I wash it?

    We recommend hand washing, rather than machine washing, using mild soap.