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- 2 Personas
- tienda de doble pared
- autoportante

Diseño galardonado

- Perfecta para el mochilero ligero
- Construcción de doble pared para evitar la condensación en el interior
- Diseño de clip para mástil para un montaje y desmontaje muy rápido y fácil
- Ventilación superior en el vestíbulo
- Amplio interior no claustrofóbico con techo alto
- Gran puerta frontal para facilitar la entrada y salida
- Bolsillo interior
- Vestíbulo 0.71m2 (7.68 ft2); no se necesitan estacas/piquetas
- Componentes de la más alta calidad
- Calidad de clase mundial
- Listo para salir de la caja; costuras selladas en fábrica donde sea necesario.

Mejoras Rev B:
- Mayor protección contra la intemperie al bajar la parte inferior del doble techo más cerca del suelo
- Mayor protección contra el viento del suelo al añadir tejido transpirable por encima del tejido de la tienda
- Mayor vida útil de la tienda al cambiar el diseño/materiales que eliminan las cinchas elásticas
- Menor peso al eliminar el cordón elástico innecesario en el extremo de los pies de la tienda
- Menor peso al cambiar los ojales por herrajes de aluminio personalizados Big Sky

- Tamaño: 215cm (85in) de largo interior para personas de 185cm (6ft-1in) o menos
Nota: 215cm (85in) de largo interior menos 185cm (6ft-1in o 73in) para la altura de una persona permite un extra de 15cm (6in) en los extremos de la cabeza y los pies para el altillo del saco de dormir.

- Versión BikePacking Peso: 1,334 kg (2 lb 15,0 oz) para el interior con suelo de nailon recubierto de PU y costuras selladas, bragueta con tejido SuprSil™-UL mejorado y bastones de aluminio ligeros, longitud plegada 30 cm (12 pulg.) (rev. A)

- Versión ultraligera Peso: 1,156 kg (2 lb 8,5 pulg.) (rev. A)156kg (2lb 8.8oz) para interior con suelo de nailon recubierto de PU y costuras selladas, doble techo con tejido SuprSil™-UL mejorado y varillas de aluminio ultraligeras, longitud plegada 43cm (17in) (rev. A)

El precio incluye: doble techo, interior, varillas y bolsa de tienda.

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Tienda Big Sky Soul x2 - Versión ultraligera y BikePacking

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

When climbing a mountain in Japan, I used this tent. I could see many stars from this tent with lying in a tent. It was brilliant moment…
And it was possible by shipping this tent quickly. It may took a week after I ordered

Max Minssen
Big sky Soul 2x

Stayed out the first copple of nights. Super Light to carry, resists very strong Winds. Super easy to bild up and Pack. Highly recommend

Kevin Mendoza
Big Sky Soul x2

I love this tent! Great quality and awesome design. This thing is so lightweight and actually feels like a regular 2P tent and not a ‘backpacking’ 2P tent. Probably the only tent on the market that meets the trifecta of freestanding, sub 3 lbs and a bomber with spacious headroom and an affordable price point as added extras.

Great experience through and through and my tent was here less than a week after I put in the order. Would definitely recommend this company and tent to anyone!

Wally Roth
Big Sky Soul x2 tent - Bikepacking

Rode the Tour Divide with this late in the season and the tent performed flawlessly to include the worst rainstorm I've ever sat through and multiple nights of extremely high winds. Tent is easy to set up and breakdown and it fit easily, with the rest of my sleeping kit, in my handlebar dry bag. Even though it's rated as a 2-person, it would be a very tight fit. In practice, I found it to be closer to a 1.5-person and was perfect, allowing my to drag all my gear into the tent with me and still have plenty of room for sleeping. Highly recomend.

Brian Choi
Big Sky Soul 2P tent

super lightweight fully freestand with a small vestibule, looking forward to go out with it!!


Ask a Question
  • Hello, What are the dimensions of the bikepack version when it is packed up ? Thank you.

    About 15cm x 35cm (6in x 14in)

  • Hi, I'm looking for purchasing this tent, but i'm 185cm tall, and I was wondering if this tent would be long enought for me ? Thanks

    We rate the Soul tent series for people up to 185cm (215cm less 15cm for sleeping bag loft head end and foot end)

  • Will there be more color available? like green or khak

    Maybe in the future, but it will be 2022 or later.

  • Is it both version are using DAC oole?

    The Ultra Light weight poles are DAC NFL poles, but they do not make a NFL pole that folds that short we use a different factory to make the 30cm (12in) folding poles for us.

  • What is the peak height? What is the width?

    please see the tent drawing:

  • i eould like to ask whether the material of pole for soul x2p is same with Soul x1 tent ul ver? X1 is dac but x2 is normal aluminium pole.

    Unfortunately, DAC does not make UltraLight (NFL) poles that are fold to 30cm long so a different pole factory is used for shorter folding "bikepacking" poles.

  • Hi for 1 person i am 198 cm will it be ok? Thanks

    It is rated for people up to 185cm (215cm less 15cm allowance for sleeping bag loft head end and foot end)

    If you want to use Soul x2P tent for one person, you may be able to sleep diagonally and be OK.

  • What are the toggles for, on the outside of the tent fly?

    What are the toggles for, on the outside of the tent fly?
    > The toggles/cord lock are for tying back fly/outer to creat "Moon View"
    > Fly/outer can be rolled up and tied using these toggles/cord locks

  • Hello. I am Japanese from Tokyo. My English may not be good. Are you still making Soul 1p? If you are still making it, when will it be around next time?

    yes, we are still making the Soul 1P tent... we try to keep them in stock. we do have some in stock at this time.

  • Has the lower part of the inner mesh been changed to a nylon material starting with the 2022 model?

    We have added Breathable Fabric between tub and Mesh Netting to current version Soul x2P tent.

  • Hello, Is this Soul x2 the version where the lower part of the inner mesh is changed to nylon material?

    We added Breathable Fabric between tub and Mesh Netting on current version Soul x2P tent.

  • What is the hydrostatic head for the fabric in the floor and the outer tent?

    Here is some fabric information:

  • Hello. I'm sorry for my poor English because I'm a Japan person. My name is Toyofumi Kishino. I have a question about Soul2X. I love Soul2X and currently sell it on Japan I only want the Soul2X inner tent, but please buy it and send it to the Japan. Is it possible? The lower part of the mesh part is white nylon, which is a type that does not allow wind to enter. Please reply.

    You can trade in your Soul x2P tent for a new one. Please send email to

  • I have a question about the inner lining. Is the color of the fly gray and has the lower part of the inner mesh changed to a nylon material?

    Is the color of the fly gray and
    > yes, Granite Gray color

    has the lower part of the inner mesh changed to a nylon material?
    >current version of Soul tent series has Breathable Fabric between floor/tub and mesh netting to keep cold air/dirt from blowing into tent.