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- 2 Person
- double wall tent
- freestanding

Award Winning Design

- Perfect for the lightweight backpacker
- Double wall construction to prevent condensation inside
- Pole clip design for very fast and easy setup and take down
- Top vent on vestibule for ventilation
- Large no claustrophobic interior with high ceiling
- Large front door for easy entry and exit
- Interior pocket
- Vestibule 0.71 m2 (7.68 ft2); no stakes/pegs required
- Highest quality components
- World class quality
- Ready to go out of the box; seam sealed where necessary at the factory

- Size: 215cm (85in) long interior rated for those 185cm (6ft-1in) or less
Note: 215cm (85in) interior length minus 185cm (6ft-1in or 73in) for the height of a person allows an extra 15cm (6in) at head and foot ends for sleeping bag loft.

- BikePacking version Weight: 1.334kg (2lb 15.0oz) for interior with nylon PU coated and seam taped floor, fly with SuprSil™-UL fabric upgrade, and Light Weight aluminum poles, folded length 30cm (12in) (rev. A)

- Ultra Light version Weight: 1.156kg (2lb 8.8oz) for interior with nylon PU coated and seam taped floor, fly with SuprSil™-UL fabric upgrade, and Ultra Light weight aluminum poles, folded length 43cm (17in) (rev. A)

Price includes: tent fly, inner, poles, and tent bag.

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Big Sky Soul x2 tent - Ultra Light Bargain and BikePacking versions

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Big Sky Soul x2 tent - Ultra Light Bargain and BikePacking versions

Kirsten W.
Fabulous, lightweight & roomy!

I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I bought the 2P tent for bike packing, and chose to go with the ultralight poles versus the 12" bike pack version, due to weight savings. The poles fit nicely in my rear seat bag, while the tent itself stuffed into a Revelate fork bag with room to spare. I used it for the first time on an overnighter last weekend, and it was awesome. It is easy to set up, has a lot of room, and I really appreciated the double wall construction. Condensation stayed outside. I was almost able to stand up in it (I'm 5'4"). It may be a little less roomy when my husband comes along on our adventures. It seems very well made, although I took care to have a piece of Tyvek underneath to protect the floor. I was contemplating purchasing a 1P tent in addition to the 2P, but I'm glad I bought the 2P - almost no need for a 1P tent given how light this is! I'm really pleased with the cost/value - the product is well priced, and I would have spent a lot more money for only a few ounces of weight savings for a single wall tent. So happy I went with Big Sky!

Camping by the sea.

Because it was a camp by the sea, I was exposed to a strong sea breeze, but Paul was strong and I slept without any worries. Above all, the pole is light! Even though there is no tent, it is wider and more comfortable than I expected, and she is very satisfied. We spent time watching the stars. The best tent. I'm looking forward to using it in the next mountain.

Justin L
Was good, not -great- canoe camping

I love how easy this tent is to set up, I love how much space you get for the weight, and I love how easy it is to move - camping in rocky Northeast areas, being able to set up the tent under shelter and move it, using it really quick as a bug net - I really like a lot of things about this tent.

The only thing I didn't really love was the rainfly design. I could never... quite get the tent completely waterproof. The design at the top (where the poles cross) leads to saggy wet nylon eventually dripping right on you. The corners - you can see it in the screenshots - aren't 100% covered near the footbox. In practice I found it was impossible to keep slow drips from getting in.

I am still contemplating buying a replacement (mine was stolen, no fault of the tent!) but I really wish the rain fly was a bit more... bulletproof. That'd make this the best tent on the market.

Thank you for your review and feedback. We will work on redesigning the outer/fly to fix the issues you mentioned.

誠 齊藤


Thank you for your review. Because the Soul x2P outer fabric is so light weight it does not seem very strong BUT it is quite strong because both sides of the fabric are coated with silicone making the fabric two times (2x) stronger than the same fabric with PU fabric that most tents have. Thank you for your review.


Ask a Question
  • Hello, What are the dimensions of the bikepack version when it is packed up ? Thank you.

    About 15cm x 35cm (6in x 14in)

  • Hi, I'm looking for purchasing this tent, but i'm 185cm tall, and I was wondering if this tent would be long enought for me ? Thanks

    We rate the Soul tent series for people up to 185cm (215cm less 15cm for sleeping bag loft head end and foot end)

  • Will there be more color available? like green or khak

    Maybe in the future, but it will be 2022 or later.

  • Is it both version are using DAC oole?

    The Ultra Light weight poles are DAC NFL poles, but they do not make a NFL pole that folds that short we use a different factory to make the 30cm (12in) folding poles for us.

  • What is the peak height? What is the width?

    please see the tent drawing:

  • i eould like to ask whether the material of pole for soul x2p is same with Soul x1 tent ul ver? X1 is dac but x2 is normal aluminium pole.

    Unfortunately, DAC does not make UltraLight (NFL) poles that are fold to 30cm long so a different pole factory is used for shorter folding "bikepacking" poles.

  • Hi for 1 person i am 198 cm will it be ok? Thanks

    It is rated for people up to 185cm (215cm less 15cm allowance for sleeping bag loft head end and foot end)

    If you want to use Soul x2P tent for one person, you may be able to sleep diagonally and be OK.

  • What are the toggles for, on the outside of the tent fly?

    What are the toggles for, on the outside of the tent fly?
    > The toggles/cord lock are for tying back fly/outer to creat "Moon View"
    > Fly/outer can be rolled up and tied using these toggles/cord locks

  • Hello. I am Japanese from Tokyo. My English may not be good. Are you still making Soul 1p? If you are still making it, when will it be around next time?

    yes, we are still making the Soul 1P tent... we try to keep them in stock. we do have some in stock at this time.