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- Perfekt für Rucksacktouristen mit leichtem Gepäck
- Doppelwandige Konstruktion zur Vermeidung von Kondenswasser im Inneren
- Stangen-Clip-Konstruktion für sehr schnellen und einfachen Auf- und Abbau
- Innenschnallen an der Außenhülle für einteiligen Auf- und Abbau
- Zwei obere Belüftungsöffnungen an den Apsiden für Querbelüftung
- Großer, nicht klaustrophobischer Innenraum mit hoher Decke
- Große Seitentüren für einfachen Ein- und Ausstieg
- 2 Innenraumoptionen:
-- Innenraum aus Mesh-Netz für zusätzliche Belüftung
-- Innenraum aus atmungsaktivem Stoff für mehr Wärme und um zu verhindern, dass Treibgut und Sand hineinweht
Hinweis: Der Innenraum aus atmungsaktivem Stoff hat ein Mesh-Netz-Fenster an jeder Tür mit einer Klappe mit Reißverschluss
- Vier Innentaschen
- Zwei große Apsiden; jede mit einer Tür mit Reißverschluss
- Hochwertigste Komponenten
- Weltklasse-Qualität
- Sofort einsatzbereit; Nähte werden, wo nötig, im Werk versiegelt

Gewicht: 1.059kg (2lb 5.4oz) für SuprSilTM-UL Außenhülle, Mesh Netting Innenhülle, rutschfester, nahtversiegelter Boden und ultraleichte DAC NFL 8.7mm AL Aluminiumstangen (rev. G-2)

Gewicht: 1.165kg (2lb 9.1oz) für SuprSilTM-UL außen, atmungsaktives Gewebe innen, rutschfester, nahtverklebter Boden und ultraleichte DAC NFL 8.7mm AL Aluminiumstangen (rev. G-2)

Big Sky Revolution 1.0P Zelt

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Customer Reviews

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Andrew W.
Superb Tent

I have had this tent for over a year now and it has been fantastic. I am 196cm tall, so finding a 1 person backpacking tent that was long enough for me was a challenge, and this is fantastic for length. It is also very easy to put up, inner and outer go up together, which is great for when it's raining - to keep the inner dry. 2 doors and 2 vestibules, AND full free standing, this tent has all the features on my wish list! I've had no leaks, it has been pretty good at combatting condensation too, with good ventilation.

My only gripe with it was it didn't come with any pegs or I had to rob them off one of my other tents.

I also modified it, as shown in the photo. I purchased the Black Diamond Distance tent crossbar and universal adapters (for trekking poles) and I have created a cross bar assembly which adds greater strength and stiffness against side winds - for when I'm up in the mountains.

Excellent tent though. I'm really pleased with it.

Boyan Boyanov
Unique design that needs some improvement

Have had this tent for around 3 years. Ordered it because it is, shockingly, the ONLY freestanding tent with two doors and two vestibules. It also has a generous length and a decent max height, which makes it very livable in inclement weather. The crossed pole design is quite stable and it has additional guyout points for inclement weather. The ability to pitch the inner and outer is unique for a freestanding tent. Overall it is a good tent, particularly for a cottage company where the sewing can sometimes be less than perfect.

Here are a few things that should be addressed on the tent
a) The pole shock cords are LOUSY - they stretch out, become droopy, and become a hindrance in assembling the poles
b) The poles have a tendency to not stay assembled as you are pitching the tent. Due to the design they are very long and the moment you hold them at somewhat of an inclined angle a section is guaranteed to come undone. In high wind this becomes an incredible annoyance.
c) The vestibules are floppy, difficult to get taut, and do not have good wind resistance. If the wind changes direction in the middle of the night and starts coming at near 90 degrees to the tent orientation the vestibules will flap A LOT if you are lucky, and buckle if you are not. There is a lot of unsupported fabric there. Guyout points midway each of the two panels would help but not necessarily fully mitigate this problem.

These are relatively small nits that can be fixed with a minor redesign.

Thank you for your review and comments.

The tent pole elastic shock cords can be replaced... please contact us so we can send some to you.

Thanks again for your review and suggestions,
Big Sky International

James D.
Revolution 1p tent

This tent some very innovative features such as the external cross pole design with dual entry and dual vestibules. However the weight was heavier than expected. This may have been due to the shorter pole package I received instead of the longer one. Additionally the set up and tent shape was not as easy or stable as another external pole tent I have. So on this occasion I returned the tent but I will consider the innovative designs from this company in the future.

Kerri McKenna
Rev 1P great tent

I just bought this tent so haven't used it yet but my friend has had one for two years and loves it. He has experienced terrible storms in it and had no issues even when his friends have had their (other make/model) tents collapse. I like the dimensions of the tent. The dark green colour is great.


Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between the Revolution 1 and Mirage 1?

    Revolution tent series is a double wall tent.
    Mirage tent series is a hybrid design... double wall sides and single wall ceiling.

  • What is the folded pole length on this tent?

    Folded length for 1P and 1.5P Ultra Light weight DAC NFL poles is 36cm (14.2in). 

    Note: we do have Light Weight aluminum poles that can be purchased separately that fold to 30cm (12in).

  • Hi, what is the difference between the chinook and revolution when using the breathable fabric inner, mainly heavier fabric and poles for the chinook? Is the intended winter use for the revolution with breathable inner fabric mainly for sheltered sites, while the chinoook can take more exposure? Thank you,

    - Big Sky's Revolution tent series is 3 seasons rated vs. Big Sky's Chinook tent series is 4 seasons rated
    - Big Sky's Chinook tent series has stronger outer fabric and poles than Revolution tent series, and a 3rd pole for additional strength that the Revolution series does not have.