Big Sky's Chinook 1P, Chinook 1Plus, Chinook 2P, Mirage 1.5P, Soul 1P, Soul x2P, Revolution 1.5P, and Revolution 2P tents are in stock. Wisp 1P UL tents expected to be available in August. EU warehouse shipments resume in July, UK warehouse shipments will resume 29 July. We are still occasionally experiencing technical delays processing orders... we are working to fix this problem. Thank you for your patience.


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Die Zeltunterlage ist aus strapazierfähigem, leichtem Stoff gefertigt. An den Ecken befinden sich S-Haken, mit denen die Zeltunterlage am Zelt befestigt werden kann.

Die "1P"-Fußmatte passt zu einer Reihe von Modellen:
Chinook 1P Zelte, Evolution 1P Zelte, Mirage 1P Zelte und Revolution 1P Zelte

Die "2P"-Fläche passt zu einer Reihe von Modellen:
Chinook 2P Zelte, Evolution 2P Zelte, Mirage 2P Zelte und Revolution 2P Zelte

1P: 87g/3.1oz
1P Soul: 87g/3.1oz
1P Wisp 1P UL (Originalversion): 87g/3.1oz
1P Wisp 1P MV (aktuelle Version): 83g/2.9oz
1Plus: 137g/4.8oz
2P: 137g/4.8oz
2P Soul: 137g/4.8oz
2Plus: 167g/5.9oz
3P: 167g/5.9oz

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Customer Reviews

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Yue Suzuki
Its okay

the footprint doesn’t cover the whole tent and its hard to tell which is the front

The footprint is smaller than the floor so any water from sides of tent will run onto the ground, instead of on to the footprint, then under the tent.

The footprint is color coded. RED for foot end and BLACK for head end.

筒井 陽介


Clement Moore
Too short

It doesn't quite cover the entire length of the tent by about an inch or so. Everything stays dry except the area near my head where the footprint is too short which isn't exactly great.

We design our footprints so they are about an inch (2.5cm) smaller than the tent floor. The reason for this is we want any water running down the sides of the tent to drip on to the ground, instead of on the footprint where it could run underneath the floor.

rayman mok
Footprint 2P

Can always attach to the tent . Save the time during setup .

Caroline H.
1p fits copper spur hv UL 1 good enough!

Good quality ground sheet for less than half the price Big Agnes was selling one for. I was able to use the included adjustment toggles at the wider end of the ground sheet to attach it to the copper spur hv UL 1 well enough. The shorter end required tying a liiiitle bit of extra guy line to the corners but it was a near perfect fit and works great. Underneath it has the 1 inch gap you want to prevent rain from pooling but still gives the coverage you need.Overall very happy to have found this ground sheet because it’s high quality and works for my needs.


Ask a Question
  • On the footprint for my Revelation 2P, there are two pieces of cord about 8" long that are attached by "S" hooks to the corners at one end, and they can be pulled taut through a line adjuster...what are those used for?

    The footprints have four (4) S-hooks... one on each corner. Each S-hook should be connected to each corner of the tent. Two (2) of the S-hooks are on adjustable cords to adjust tightness of the footprint. The footprint can be used under the tent floor or with poles and outer/fly if inner is removed.

  • May I know all the 2P footprints actual sizes? Thanks

    Big Sky's footprints are sized about 2.5cm (1in) smaller than the tent's floor so any water running down the side of the tent will drip onto the ground instead of onto footprint, then under then tent floor.

  • What is the difference between a 2P footprint and a 2Plus footprint

    2Plus footprint is same size as 2P footprint, except it extends into the vestibules.

  • Hi there, I need a shelter saver for my Chinook 1Plus. Is it available an d can I get it in a short time? What are the shipping costs? Thank you. Tom


    We do have ShelterSaver footprints for the Chinook 1Plus tent in stock in some of our warehouses.

    Where are you? (ship to address/country?)

    Thanks for your interest.

  • Can I set up my big sky soul 2 with only the rainfly and footprint, no mesh insert?

    yes, you can set up your Soul x2P tent with outer fly and poles (no inner) by using either a ShelterSaver footprint with grommet kit or an X-cord kit with grommet kit.

  • I have the chinook 1p , which footprint would cover both vestibules of my tent ?

    The 1Plus footprint partially extends into the vestibules: