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Tube Steak TM 텐트 페그/스테이크

- 중량 대비 유지력이 우수함
- 단단한 땅이 있는 지역에 적합

- 튜브 스테이크 TM 15 크기: 15cm(6인치) x 8mm
무게: 8.9g/개(0.31oz/개)

- 튜브 스테이크 TM 18 크기: 18.2cm(7.25인치) x 8.5mm
무게: 12.2g/개(0.43oz/개)

- 튜브 스테이크 TM 20 크기: 20cm(8인치) x 8.5mm
무게: 13.6g/개(0.48oz/개)

- 튜브 스테이크 TM 23 크기: 23cm(9인치) x 8.5mm
무게: 15.3g/개(0.54oz/개)

- 무게에는 반사 당김 코드가 포함되어 있습니다.

- 다른 Tube Steak TM 텐트 말뚝을 코드에 삽입하면 Tube Steak TM 텐트 말뚝을 땅에서 끌어내는 데 도움이 됩니다(그림 참조).

- 고강도 항공기 알루미늄 합금으로 제작

- 모든 크기의 목재 2inx4in(5cmx10cm)을 두드리는 데 문제가 없었습니다(그림 참조).

- No-Lose-Em TM 컬러

*** 참고: Tube Steak TM 텐트 페그는 패키지당 4개로 판매됩니다 ***

Tube Steak(TM) 텐트 말뚝/스테이크

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Michael Robinson
Big Mike loves Tube Steak

I have enjoyed pounding my Tube Steak into Soetoro crevice.

Tube steak pegs

I was buying some extras as I’m impressed with ones I’ve got - the new ones are the longer more meaty ones to give better holding in soft ground.
Pegs great, delivery charge not cheap!!

In the Sand

The 7.2" stakes where effective in holding my tent securely in stormy weather, while hiking along the Lost Coast in early November. They held firm. But I ordered some of the 8" after I got back, for ensuring a good pitch of the tent when the sand becomes dryer on future visits, and for other coastal and desert hikes. These are strong stakes, none of them have been bent so far.

Strong & lightweight

Same weight as the common Y-pegs, but bigger and longer.
Easy to punch them into the ground, and thanks to the flat top you wont destroy your shoe or other gear (who carrys a hammer?).

Very Nice

I dig my Tube Steaks. Their design is superior to Easton IMHO.


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