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초경량 풍선 베개 제작 ...

50g(2oz) 미만의 무게와 작은 포장 크기로 Big Sky의 DreamSleeper 두어 개™ UltraLight 풍선 베개는 손바닥에 쏙 들어갈 수 있으므로 Big Sky의 DreamSleeper™ 베개는 어디든 가져갈 수 있습니다.

베개는 인체공학적으로 설계되어 숙면을 취할 수 있도록 사람의 머리를 받쳐줍니다.

Big Sky는 이 제품에 고급 열 폴리우레탄(TPU)을 사용하여 일부 값싼 베개를 만드는 PVC보다 무게 대비 강도가 더 높습니다.

Big Sky의 DreamSleeper 이후™ 베개는 TPU로 만들어져 겨울에도 사용할 수 있습니다. PVC로 만든 저렴한 베개는 너무 추우면 깨질 수 있습니다.

TPU는 처음에는 투명하다가 반투명해지고 결국에는 불투명해지는 자연스러운 노화 과정을 거칩니다.

TPU는 PVC보다 환경 친화적입니다.

크기: 팽창되지 않은 크기는 50cm(20인치) x 30cm(12인치)입니다.
베개는 최대 약 10cm(4인치) 두께까지 부풀립니다.

포함: 초경량 물건 자루

무게: 43.62g +/- 2SD 1.33g(1.54oz +/- 0.05oz) 베개만

보증: 어떤 이유로 베개 구입 후 1년 이내에 새는 방광을 Big Sky로 보내면 무료 교체를 받을 수 있습니다.

이상 주문 시 무료 배송$ 아마존에서 35개

무료 배송: Big Sky에서 베개 2개 이상 주문
참고: 미국, 중국, 홍콩, 대만, 영국에만 해당; 일본과 한국을 제외한 기타 지역은 1/2 가격으로 배송됩니다.
쿠폰 코드 입력: PillowFREEship

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DreamSleeper(TM) 초경량 팽창식 베개

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Customer Reviews

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Kyle San Clemente
Pretty good UL pillow

Added loops and shock cord so I could strap it to my pad. I use a buff as a pillow case. It's pretty comfy, but it did hurt my ear after awhile.

Rambo Trees
Ultralight pillow

It's huge but packs up small.I wish I'd bought 2

Henrik Brøndum
Comfort light

Very light and comfortable. I use a buff as pillow cover, convenient when you want at washable cover. I wish for the opportunity to attach some kind of strap to the pillow so it's easier to keep in place on the madras ( i use a Quilt)

Phillipe Price
Great size and adjustable firmness

Fantastic light pillow! I finally found a pillow that's thick enough so I don't crane my neck! And it's super lightweight.


I purchased my first DreamSleeper Ultralight inflatable pillow (bladder only) in 2017 as part of prep for a longer backpacking trip where I was looking to go lighter. Had never used an inflatable pillow before but fewer extra clothes and fewer stuff sacks was going to take away my previous go-to pillow option. I'm a side sleeper with wide shoulders and a tall pillow helps keep my neck from being at an uncomfortable angle. I will often stack two pillows if they are smushy and my preferred pillow at home was two of those pillows filled with little plastic/foam pellets that I stuffed into the same zippered pillow case. In late 2019 I decided that I needed to try the pillows (I also bought a Trekology, heavier) in advance to see if they were going to work for me and which one I preferred.

I paired the DreamSleeper bladder with a fleece neckwarmer/hat to keep from having my face against the plastic. I was worried about that and that the pillow would slip out from under my head in the night. Neither of those things turned out to be a problem for me. I preferred the DreamSleeper and it was actually comfortable to sleep with. I had concerns about durability on an extended trip so I bought some spares and started using the first one every night to see how long it would last. It held up well enough to convince me that it would hold up for 5+ months if I was reasonably careful with it.

Along the way I decided that I preferred it to my regular pellet-filled double-stuffed pillow and continued to use it much to my wife's amusement. At this point it has been my daily driver for more than three years. I add air most nights when I go to bed. Sometimes it needs more and sometimes it doesn't need much at all. If I ever wake up in the night and notice that it could use some air I add some but it is never flat and most nights I don't need to do anything. The valve is noticeably looser than on one of my new ones, easier to add air, and I wonder whether sometimes I might not be getting the valve tightened down securely. I held it under water in the tub at one point and saw no sign of a slow leak. The new one that I inflated last week does not seem to have lost any air but I'm also not sleeping on it.

It would be an understatement to say that I am satisfied with this pillow.


Ask a Question
  • Hi, I’d like to know how flexible/stretchy the TPU material is? This seems to be the biggest issue for me in order to get a comfortable sleep. I mean it needs to have a certain amount of stretch not to get an aching ear when sleeping on the side. Thanks! /Thomas

    Sorry, we are not sure how to answer your question... we think the DreamSleeper pillow is a little more flexible than other brands... also, we suggest only filling pillow about 80% full... if the pillow is too tight (inflated too much), we do not think it is as comfortable.

  • I don't see the pillow case for the UL pillow. Where would I find that item?

    You can order the DreamSleeper Deluxe pillow case for the DreamSleeper UL pillow here:

  • Is the pillow noisy? I move around a ton when I sleep, switching sides and rearranging my position. My sleeping pad makes a sound with every twist or turn. I would like to know if there would be a similar issue with this pillow. Have a great day!

    Unfortunately, we do not think this is a yes or no answer... It depends on some different factors and also the user.

    For example:
    1) It depends on if the pillow is covered... while the UL pillow is "bare" we recommend covering when using it with a neck gaiter (BUFF), T-shirt, etc. The covering will absorb noise, making the pillow quieter. (We offer a Deluxe pillow cover.)
    2) It depends on how full the pillow is inflated... we recommend about 80% full... too full of air we think will be less comfortable and the pillow will be tighter and be more noisy... think of a balloon... if very full/tight it will make more noise when "thumped" that when less inflated.
    3) It depends on the user... some people are more sensitive to noise than others.

    Our pillows are made of quality TPU from Taiwan that is less noisy than less expensive and more noisy pillows made with PVC.

    We think the majority of our customer would consider our pillows "quiet" but there will be a few that may not agree.