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Big Sky의 수상 경력에 빛나는 Revolution 1P 디자인을 기반으로 합니다.
  • - 3개의 기둥은 매우 폭풍에 적합한 디자인을 만듭니다.
    - 내부 결로 방지를 위한 이중벽 구조
    - 매우 빠르고 쉬운 설치 및 분해를 위한 폴 클립 디자인
    - 일체형 설치/해체를 위한 내부 버클과 외부 쉘
    - 교차 환기를 위한 현관 상단 2개의 통풍구
    - 높은 천장과 밀실공포증이 없는 넓은 내부
    - 쉽게 출입할 수 있는 대형 측면 도어
    - 2가지 인테리어 옵션:
    -- 추가적인 환기를 위한 내부 메쉬 그물망
    -- 통기성 직물 내부로 보온성을 높이고 바람기둥과 모래가 불어오는 것을 방지합니다.
    참고: 통기성 직물 내부에는 지퍼가 달린 플랩이 있는 각 도어에 메쉬 그물 창이 있습니다.
    - 내부 포켓 4개
    - 2개의 대형 현관; 각각 지퍼가 달린 문이 있어요
    - 더 가벼운 무게를 원하시나요? 3번째 기둥은 집에 두고 가세요
    - 최고 품질의 부품
    - 세계적 수준의 품질
    - 상자 밖으로 나갈 준비가 되었습니다. 필요한 경우 공장에서 봉합된 솔기

  • - 1인
    - 4계절 - 더블월 텐트
    - 외골격 디자인(외부에 3개의 기둥)
    - 중량 대비 강도가 높습니다.
    - 포장 크기: 15cm x 45cm(6인치 x 18인치)
    - 무게: 2Door SuprSil TM 쉘, 메시 그물망 내부 및 4-Seasons DAC NSL 9mm 알루미늄 폴(rev. B) 기준 1.395kg(49.2oz / 3lb 1.2oz)

    다양한 극에 따른 등급:
    4계절 등급: 4계절 AL 폴 2개 + 4계절 AL 폴 3개(포함)
    3시즌 이상 등급: UL AL 폴 2개 + 세 번째 4시즌 AL 폴(옵션)
    3계절 평가: AL 폴 2개(옵션)
    3계절 정격: 2 CF 폴 + 3번째 CF 폴(옵션)

  • 지침을 다운로드하고 인쇄하려면 여기를 클릭하십시오.

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Customer Reviews

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Dennis Morse
Just What I Wanted For Winter Camping

In winter, I found that my double wall 3-season tent let in too much wind and spindrift and flapped loudly, and the single wall tents I used had condensation issues. The Chinook solved those problems at 15 F with gusts to 30 mph. Setup and take down is quick and easy. Very happy with this purchase!

喜章 太.
Chinook 1Pについて


Marianne W.
Tolles Zelt - mit kleinen Verbesserungen wäre es wohl genial

Ich mag das Big Sky Chinook 1P sehr. Für mich ist das Platzangebot ausreichend. Die zwei Apsiden in einem Solozelt sind der eigentliche Kaufgrund. Das Gewicht spielte auch eine Rolle.
Es ist super einfach aufzustellen. Bei starkem Wind geht es etwas schwieriger.
Und wenn es regnet und draussen etwas kühler ist, habe ich Kondenswasser ohne Ende. Da ich wegen der fummeligen Schnallen gar nicht erst probierte, das Innenzelt separat einzupacken, wurde das Innenzelt IMMER nass. Zum Glück hatte ich jeweils abends wieder Wind und Sonne, die das Zelt rasch trockneten. Am nächsten Tag begann das Spiel von vorne. Mehrere Regentage hintereinander (radelte von Tag zu Tag weiter) hatte ich zum Glück nicht.
Bei starkem Regen legte ich eine wasserdichte Tasche unter die Türseite. So tropfte nicht so viel Regenwasser auf den Footprint (hab den vom Chinook 1.5).
Der Footprint ist recht schmutzanziehend und wie dauerhaft er dann ist, wird sich noch weisen.
Zum Glück habe ich die Bestellung früh getätigt. Die Lieferfristen nach Europa sind sehr lange.
Insgesamt bin ich sehr zufrieden mit dem Chinook 1P. Im Herbst und Winter werde ich aber ein anderes Zelt nehmen, da das Chinook nicht trocknen wird bei mitteleuropäischem Herbstwetter oder winterlichen Bedingungen.

Toni O.
Great shelter

Used it once now, in rain and extremely hard wind. Very impressed by the stability of the tent.

Big Sky Chinook 1P im Praxistest (German)

Big Sky Chinook 1P im Praxistest (German)


Ask a Question
  • Any plans to do a version with a Dyneema fly?

    Any plans to do a version with Dyneema (DCF/Cuban fabric) outer/fly?
    > Big Sky has offered a number of 3-Season tents with DCF fabric since 2007 so we have quite a bit of experience with this fabric. The Chinook tent series is 4-Season rated so it requires a stronger fabric. If we offered a 4-Seasons tent with DCF it would have to be a stronger/heavier DCF fabric so it would not be much lighter weight than the current tent weight, but would be a LOT more expensive. Big Sky uses a both sides silicone fabric that is twice as strong as the PU coated fabric the big box tent companies use, but is lighter weight and can be offered at a fair price. So no, it does not make sense at this time to offer a 4-Season tent with DCF fabric.

  • Can both inner tents be ordered at the same time?

    Can both inner tents be ordered at the same time?
    > yes, both Breathable Fabric and Mesh Netting inners can be ordered for Big Sky's Chinook 1P tent.

  • When I Order the 1P, there are no lines included, right? How many guy lines do I have to order. 4 if I use 2 poles and 6 if I use all 3poles? For what use is the 12pc pack? Are there additional possibilities to fix lines on the tent to stabilise it for high winds? Best regards Ivonne

    How many guy lines to use depends on the weather... not on how many poles are used.
    Guy lines create a stronger tent structure and help keep the tent from blowing away.
    - good weather and no wind, no guy lines are required
    - more wind/snow, more guy lines should be used..
    - there are guy out loops for 12 guy lines on the Chinook series tents
    - most people use 6 guy lines, but less/more can be used depending on the weather conditions
    Note: even when using 2 poles, you may want to use more guy lines to create a stronger structure.
    Also, when using only 2 poles, adding guy lines to the sides/vestibules will help increase the interior size by preventing wind from pushing the sides in.
    Some of our customers already have guy lines and pegs/stakes so we offer Big Sky's tents without them so our customers will not have to buy more pegs/stakes/guy lines if they are not needed.
    Thank you for your questions,
    Big Sky International