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Fits Big Sky 1P, 1.5P or 2P tents (select correct size)

Light Weight aluminum pole, 30cm/12in folding length

Material: light weight, high strength 7001 aluminum

Folded length: 30cm (12in)
Great for bike packing or where shorter folded length is desired.

Weight per set of 2:
- 1P/1.5P tent poles: 453g (16.0oz)
- 2P tent poles: 484g (17.1oz)

Includes: set of 2 poles and pole bag

Ultra Light weight poles, brand: DAC

Note: price for one (1) pole, if you need a set of 2 poles, order 2

3-seasons rated: NFL
(Evolution, Mirage, Revolution, Soul)
4-seasons rated: NSL
(Chinook, Glacier)

Material: ultra light weight, high strength 7075 aluminum

Folded length:
- 1P/1.5P 36cm (XXin)
- 2P 43cm (XXin)
- 1P/1.5P/2P 3rd poles 36cm (XXin)

Weight per pole:
- 1P/1.5P tent pole: XXg (xxoz)
- 2P tent pole: XXg (XXoz)
- 1P/1Plus 3rd pole, Chinook tent: XXg (XXoz)
- 1.5P 3rd pole (except Chinook and Glacier tents): XXg (XXoz)
- 2P 3rd pole (except Chinook tent): XXg (XXoz)
- 2P 3rd pole, Chinook tent: XXg (XXoz)

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  • How long are these poles when fully folded out? Can you tell me for both the 1p tent and 2p tent versions please? thank you

    These poles are made to fit Big Sky tents...
    - 1P poles will fit 1P, 1.5P, and 1Plus Big Sky tents
    - 2P poles will fit 2P, 2Plus, and 3P Big Sky tents