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Based on Big Sky's Award Winning Revolution 1P design

- 3 poles creates a very storm worthy design
- Double wall construction to prevent condensation inside
- Pole clip design for very fast and easy setup and take down
- Interior buckles to outer shell for one piece setup/take down
- Two top vents on vestibules for cross ventilation
- Large no claustrophobic interior with high ceiling
- Large side door on each side for easy entry and exit
- Breathable Fabric interior for more warmth and to keep spindrift and sand from blowing in
- Mesh netting window on each door with zippered Breathable Fabric flap
- Light weight, yet durable 30D nylon silicone/PU coated and seam taped fabric floor
- Four interior pockets
- Want even lighter weight? Leave the 3rd pole at home
- Highest quality components
- World class quality
- Ready to go out of the box; seam sealed where necessary at the factory


- 1 or 2 Persons
- 4 season - double wall tent
- exoskeleton design (3 poles on outside)
- high strength to weight ratio
- packed size: 15cm x 45cm (6in x 18in)
- weight: 1.575kg (55.6oz / 3lb 7.6oz) for 2Door SuprSilTM shell, Breathable Fabric interior, and 3 x 4-Seasons DAC NSL 9mm aluminum poles (rev. B)

Ratings with different poles:
4 seasons rated: 2 4-Seasons AL poles + 3rd 4-Seasons AL pole (included)
3+ seasons rated: 2 UL AL poles + 3rd 4-Seasons AL pole (option)
3 seasons rated: 2 AL poles (option)
3 seasons rated: 2 CF pole + 3rd CF pole (option)


Big Sky Chinook 1Plus tent

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Mark Bruder
So far so good...

I bought this tent last year and hadn't used it more than setting it up in the yard. Just returned from a week long trip to Southern Patagonia where I used this tent with the cloth inner. I really can't comment too much and the only reason i give it 4 instead of 5 stars is because the weather was too nice to evaluate fully. One night of about 50 mph wind gusts to which the tent remained steady (three poles, only 4 guy outs) and a night or two of light to moderate rain- no snow.

Minimal condensation (myself only) and ease of set-up. The lighter material means you hear the wind some, but again I had only 4 guy lines. Later when I added four more, the wind was not so bad so could not tell if it would help appreciably, but I imagine so. The inner door zippers liked to snag the outer door if you aren't careful to either roll and tie back or hold back the panel (duh- my bad) and if collapsing one of the inner sides to create a vestibule the pockets along the floor on that side were very flimsy due to no anchoring of the floor (and even on the other side not so robust) but pretty much otherwise good.

I liked the packability but the outer bag seems a little delicate and the seam stitching could be a lot heavier. The fasteners and other hardware though small seem adequate. I do like the numerous guy out loops (I think 12 in all) so there should be NO issues in keeping it grounded. I used two different size triangular aluminum MSR stakes, long for the tent, shorter for the guys. It might be better the other way?

I am looking forward to really seeing what this tent can do in more extreme conditions. In summary I think this is a very good option for 4 season protection along with weight considerations, particularly when you consider the ability to house two persons in a pinch.

Uwe A.

Im Juli war ich mit dem "Chinook 1+" zwei Wochen auf dem nördlichen Abschnitt des Kungsleden (Schweden, Lappland) unterwegs. Dabei bewegt man sich fast die ganze Zeit oberhalb der Baumgrenze, allerdings hatte ich ausnehmend gutes Wetter, was das Zelt nicht wirklich gefordert hat.
Das Zelt ist aufgrund der Konstruktion unter allen Bedingung leicht und schnell aufzubauen. Bei starkem Wind setzt man sicherheitshalber ringsrum zuerst die Häringe am Boden und baut dann die Stangen auf, bei guten Bedingungen kann man die selbsttragende Konstruktion im aufgebauten Zustand noch verschieben, um den optimalen Platz (Untergrund) ausfindig zu machen oder am Morgen die reingetragenen Gras- und Pflanzenteile wieder rauszuschütteln. Bei Regen im Zelt zu kochen ist ganz gut möglich, wenn man das IZ weitgehend aushängt und die Lüfter und AZ RVs von oben öffnet, damit es es nicht zu heiß und feucht wird. Ein netter Nebeneffekt des außenliegenden Gestänges ist, dass man viele Möglichkeiten hat, verschwitzte Kleidung oder ein Handtuch zum Trocknen aufzuhängen. Auch der Schlafsack lässt sich - wie bei jedem Zelt - gut zum Auslüften drüber legen, allerdings kann man ihn hier noch einfach mit einem Gurt o.ä. am Gestänge gegen Wegfliegen sichern.
An der Seite, die ich jeweils als Eingang + Apside gewählte habe - habe ich das ausgehängte IZ am Boden mit einem Häring fixiert, damit das IZ-Gewebe nicht allzu sehr hin und her geblasen wird. Hier könnte man noch eine elegantere Möglichkeit finden.

masaya k.
It is a tent that can be expected

Light and easy to set up.
I have n’t brought it to the field yet, but I think it ’s really good as long as it ’s set up in the garden.

Uwe Altmann
Gutes Zelt mit Raum für Detailverbesserungen

Ich habe das Chinnok 1+ während der letzten zwei Wochen auf dem nördlichen Kungsleden genutzt und bin zufrieden damit. Es bietet - wie erwartet - viel Raum im Innenzelt, eine gute Sitzhöhe und ist leicht zu handhaben. Da ich herrliches Sommerwetter hatte, musste das Zelt keine starken Beanspruchungen aushalten, wie Starkregen oder Sturm. Ein leichteres und luftigeres Zelt hätte es bei diesen Bedingungen auch getan.
Ein sehr netter Nebeneffekt des außenliegenden Gestänges ist, dass man die Stangen und Haken sehr gut zum Aufhängen + Trocknen verschwitzter Kleidung nutzen kann. Oberhalb der Baumgrenze ein willkommenes Extra. Versetzten des Zeltes und Ausschütteln des IZ geht natürlich mit der selbsttragenden Konstruktion auch leicht.
Verbesserungspotential besteht beim Aushängen des Innenzeltes, wenn man auf einer Seite Ausrüstung lagern will. Das IZ hängt dann völlig lose rum und wird vom Wind auch schon mal nach innen gedrückt. Hier müsste eine variable Abspannung Abhilfe schaffen.

Comfortable, reliable, quick setup

From May 2018 I have used it for 35 nights during week-end hikes in the Austrian Alps, on a 10 days GR20 northbound trip in Corse and on a 14 days sea-kayak trip in the Kornati archipelago in Croatia.
It's comfortable, offering a lot of space for one tall person like me (1,89 m, 85 kg) and reliable and easy to set-up at the end of a long day. I have no experience until now with really stormy and disgusting conditions, just continuous rain and strong gust of wind, where I used some guylines. Ventilation was fine though I had rather often very high temperatures above all on the Croatian islands.
The only modification I have made is an additional ribbon with hooks on each end to keep the open fly doors in a better position.


Ask a Question
  • Hi, Does it fit two regular sleeping pads?

    Would we recommend it for two large people... no.

    Could a husband and wife fit... probably...

    The Chinook 1Plus tent is a one person tent that has an enlarged inner extending into one or both vestibules.

    The head end is wider than the foot end so two mummy shaped mattresses may not overlap at the foot end, but two rectangular mattresses would overlap at the foot end.

  • Hi. Do you have full material specification details for fly and inner, i.e. waterproof rating, denier / weight per sqm, tear strength etc. Can you confirm the inner is a bathtub design - looks that way.

    For Chinook 1Plus tent decription and specifications, please see:

    For more fabric details, please see:

    Can you confirm the inner is a bathtub design? yes

  • Hello, is it possible to purchase a mesh interior for this tent?

    At this time, only a Breathable Fabric inner is available for Big Sky's Chinook 1Plus tent. A Chinook 1P tent's Mesh Netting inner will fit the Chinook 1Plus tent since they both share the same outer.

  • The setup diagram shows that the interior can be configured to have an optional vestibule on one or both sides? Its not clear in the photos how this works. Does it mean not clipping the inner to the fly and having it flapping around?

    The setup diagram shows that the interior can be configured to have an optional vestibule on one or both sides?
    > sorry for the confusion...
    Its not clear in the photos how this works. Does it mean not clipping the inner to the fly and having it flapping around?
    > yes, it means not clipping part of the inner to outer
    > and no, the outer does not flap around, outer is connected to poles via pole clips and does not inner to be connected
    > if you meant inner flapping around when it is not clipped... with vestibule doors closed there would be no wind for inner to flap around.